Evan Olson

Computer Repair / Mobile Repair / Networking / Photography / Custom Builds
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    Virus Removal Malware Removal Tune Up
    + Includes Full Virus / Malware removal, protection software installation, Operating System Updates, and full Tune Up / Cleaning.
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    Mobile Repair
    + Part costs vary per model and device. Call for a quote. Services include: Screen / Digitizer Replacements, battery replacements, USB / headphone jack replacements, and button / chassis repair.
    $60 + Parts
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    PC Upgrades
    + We can upgrade anything on your PC to improve performance. Upgrade your Graphics Card for better gaming performance, a Solid State Drive for faster startup and load times, or a RAM upgrade for overall speed increases and better load management.
    $80 + Parts
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    Hourly Services
    + Home Network Setups + Office improvements and cable management + Display Mounting Services + Consulting and Diagnostics + Photography Services
    $60 / hr
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